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Exclusive: Lucas Bryant Talks Haven's Final Episode & the Joy of Directing

Lucas BryantHaven returns to Syfy on October 8th for the back half of season five, unfortunately its last, starting with two all-new back-to-back episodes. When we last left the group, Dr. Charlotte Cross (Laura Mennell), who was revealed to be Audrey (Emily Rose)'s mother, combined Audrey and Mara (also Rose) back into one body. However, as Mara hadn't actually released Duke (Eric Balfour) from his curse, doing so released the hold Mara had on all the "troubles" residing in him. Suddenly all new troubles were unleashed into the unsuspecting town of Haven, and group, along with Nathan, played by Lucas Bryant, and Dwight (Adam Copeland) must try to contain them.

Recently, Bryant talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about the upcoming half of the season, including his directorial debut and his thoughts on the series finale.

Coming up, things are a lot different for the town of Haven as secrets are exposed. "Things are definitely different because of that. There's a new element of danger that's introduced...basically the troubles are now behaving in wholly unpredictable ways; they're no longer following the rules that we've sort of come to know and expect about them. So there's that, the difficulty of the rampant nature of them now, and the unpredictable nature of the people that are now dealing with this new information. [It] makes for dangerous and tricky situations for all our main characters."

Lucas BryantAs the town of Haven changes this season, Nathan's role in the town does as well. "The whole Haven story has been a coming of age story for Nathan (laughs), but now, in our last season, we are introduced to a Haven that is unlike the Havens that came before it. Now, sort of the stuff has hit the fan, and the word is out. Everyone knows now about the troubles, so there aren't really secrets anymore.

"So I think in many ways, now it's another level. He is learning to adapt to this new world, and things are much more dangerous and dire. So it's a new level of risk that he's undertaking, but also then new levels of leadership and lack of, with Dwight having sort of taken over the helm. So Nathan once again is exploring himself on screen."

It will help Nathan to find his voice this season. "I'd say it's been a long, long drawn out process of Nathan sort of finding his voice, and first of all, I guess, seeing and then accepting who he is, and what his place in this larger story is, and then learning to beyond accept it, stand up for who he is and what believes in.

"And early on in this season, we get an episode where I think he does that in a way that we've never seen before, and that sort of signals a change in him, and a real growth in him, letting go of his past and his past concerns, and sort of stepping up anew, and that means for the townspeople, and also, I think, for Audrey, and for his love."

That was actually something that surprised the actor when he found out about it. "[That] moment coming up in one of the earlier episodes where Nathan really finds his voice and says suddenly more words than he's said in years, that was surprising to read and then strange to perform, but it was a very cool episode. When Nathan strings together sentences that have more than four words in them, something big is happening."

Bryant touched on the relationship between Audrey and Nathan, and the fact that he can't physically feel her at the moment. Could that change? He teased, "There is a chance. (laughs) The thing about Nathan and Audrey, is even if Nathan can't feel her literally, he'll always feel her, so nothing is lost, ultimately."

This season will once again feature a Haven from a different time and will center around Audrey's incarnation of Lucy. The actor enjoys those scenes and teased a bit about what's to come. "I love doing that time travel stuff, and I love seeing Emily in any of her many incarnations. She's a lovely actress. It's beautiful seeing her transition in those characters, but always being the same core being. So yeah, it was very cool to meet Lucy this year; however, I can't say it's a very nice meeting. It's a pretty heavy episode as you will see."

Lucas BryantThis season the cast welcomed guest star William Shatner, and Bryant had only good things to say about him. "He was totally so cool, so professional, and so capable. I mean, holy shit. He came in; he had a limited schedule, you know, and he came in, and had to pound through his stuff in a very short time, and that was very cool to see a pro like that work, because he was just ready to go and nailed it. Dialog heavy stuff. Like I think he said more stuff in one day than Nathan has said in five seasons. (laughs) So yeah, that was very cool to see. He's just such a pro; he brings such great weight with him, and he was a real pleasure to have on set."

One of the things Bryant has been wanting for Nathan is for him to have a house, which will finally be seen on screen. "I will tell you simply, yes we will see Nathan's house...We'll see what the house looks like on screen finally."

The actor would have loved to have gotten to explore more of Nathan's backstory, but he doesn't feel that it was something that was missing from the series. "Just selfishly I would have liked to have explored more of Nathan's backstory. I would have liked to know more about Nathan's mom, Nathan's childhood. That's just for my druthers, but do I think that the show was missing that? No."

Bryant has wanted to direct the series from the beginning, and this season he finally gets to, when he moves behind the camera to direct episode 5.17, "Enter Sandman." He absolutely loved the experience. "It was just the most insanely, overwhelmingly, amazing experience that a guy like me could have asked for...The way that it felt, it was up there with the biggest, greatest experiences of my life: my wedding, my kids births, and directing this episode. It was like so hugely overwhelming and incredible, that I could just write the happiest story on earth.

Lucas Bryant"I spent three weeks, I swear to God, just trying not to cry. I was so full of joy and excitement, coupled with sheer terror. And I really felt like I was doing something that I was meant to do, and I got to do it with this group of people that I've grown to love so much, and who I could feel wanted so much for me to succeed and do well. It was just hugely overwhelmingly beautiful experience."

Everyone involved in the show was very supportive and helpful. "You know, it's something that I'd hoped to do for a long time and had been working towards for the duration of this show. And I'd let them know those were my intentions from the beginning. And so they were teaching me and grooming me on the way, and I had just amazing support from the producers, you know, Shawn [Piller], and Stefani [Deoul], and Ginny [Jones-Duzak], each of them giving me incredible advice, and then just giving me freedom when it came time to actually do it.

"The DP, Eric Cayla, who is such an amazing man and professional, was such a great mentor for me throughout the thing.

"And then I got such an incredible script written by Shernold Edwards. They really worked to write an episode that would hopefully play to my strengths. It was an actor's piece; it was a character driven episode, a sort of smaller contained story, with less special effects and action stuff. And for my taste, I think what they wrote, it's definitely one of my favorite episodes of the entire season. Shernold gave me such a gift. She kept Nathan largely out of it, so that I could concentrate on directing, which was so kind of her. And in the parts that he was in, he was sort of contained in a singular location. So I got to spend some days where I was just the director, thankfully.

Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant"And then getting to work with these beautiful freaking people who are so professional, and amazing, and capable, and talented, and lovely, it just gave me such a renewed love for acting and actors, and new respect for every single person that does any part of the job of making one of these TV shows. It was illuminating and powerful, just incredible.

"I would have an idea, like I would poorly articulate some idea of something that I wanted to see on screen. I'd have like a picture from a still from something, and I would be like, "I see this sort of starting out with a shot like this," and I would show someone a picture, and everyone would listen to me stumble over my words for thirty seconds, and then they'd be like, "Okay," and then they'd go away.

"And twelve minutes later, after one hundred and fifty people worked together on my poorly articulated vision, they would say, "Here, come look," and I'd look on the monitors, and there was like an exact replica of what I was talking about. I was like, "Yes that; what you did. Oh my God, you're amazing." It was beautiful."

The actor would love to direct again if given the chance.

There have been many pivotal moments for the actor throughout the series, but in the back half of the season, it's really the episode that he directed that had the most impact, and he is emotional talking about the fantastic experience. "[There are] so many. Definitely shooting the end was a powerful experience. It was powerful, because I think the story that we were shooting has a lot of emotion and heart in it. So shooting that last episode, the whole experience of it was a pretty heavy and beautiful thing...When I got to really feel the love on the episode that I was directing, it was really an incredible group of people, so just being in those gorgeous places - on the tips of big rocks shooting out into that powerful ocean, or on the tops of lighthouses, or in these weird brightly painted boats and boat houses. I was just in some gorgeous places with some gorgeous people for a long time. All of those things, all of that, was just a really amazing experience. I'm so grateful."

Lucas BryantThe actors were able to take some mementos from the Haven set. Bryant had previously mentioned wanting the blue Bronco, but it died before they were done filming. "My bronco couldn't make it out of the driveway if I wanted it anyway, so it's a good thing that I didn't. It will live on in my heart forever.

"I've got Nathan's boots; I'm wearing them right now. My prized piece of memorabilia is the slate from the episode that I directed, which everyone signed for me and wrote little "make you cry" notes on."

The actor talked about what he will take away from the series. "I think what I will take away from it is a combination of two things, the quirkiness and weirdness of these characters was the first thing that drew me to it, but their relationships and their love for each other, I think was the sort of heart of the show, and setting that in a backdrop of this Nova Scotia landscape, was like a visual beauty, and that is really unique on TV, so for me there is something about the relationship between the land and these people and that was just like a beautiful, weird love affair."

Bryant is satisfied with the ending of the series, but it took him some processing. Fans might have some questions left unanswered, but they are good questions to be discussing. "I guess coming to the end of any story, it's like I was talking about this with a friend, you know, can you ever really pay off everything that went into it? I think that Matt [McGuinness] & Gab [Stanton] and the writers have done the best possible job of bringing this super weird and wild story to an end in a satisfying way or as close to an end as possible. I wouldn't say it's a nice bow that it's wrapped up in, but without giving anything away, (laughs) I think that it's a nice series of packages, if you will. I think that fans will be, if they're not immediately satisfied, I think after a time, the more they think about it, the more satisfaction will come. That was the sort of experience I had, because I still had a number of questions, but I realized with time they are okay and they're good questions to be left with."

Be sure to tune in Thursday night for two new episodes of Haven.

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