Exclusive: Nick Antosca - Beware the Cannibals

***Spoilers for 2.02***

Nick AntoscaTonight Syfy aired an all-new episode of Channel Zero: No-End House, titled "Nice Neighborhood." In the episode, Margot (Amy Forsyth) deals with the return of her dead father (John Carroll Lynch) and what that means for them. Jules (Aisha Dee) sticks with her, but is dealing with her own experiences from the house.

Meanwhile J.T. (Seamus Patterson) reveals what he saw in room five and discovers the horrors of his new reality.

Channel Zero: No-End HouseMore is also revealed about the mysterious drifter (Sebastian Pigott) and how he is connected to Lacey (Jess Salgeiro), who appeared in the beginning of the pilot.

The whole series, this episode included, is filled with creepy but interesting visuals, but one in tonight's episode in particular stands out. In the last scene of the episode, Margot's father touches his sleeping daughter, and after seeing a memory of her mother, goes to the basement as she rises naked out of a puddle in the floor. It then gets even more bizarre, when in a very strange and unexpected twist, he rips off her arm and starts to eat from it. However, oddly enough, the scene isn't bloody and has quite a unique look.

Channel Zero: No-End HouseWhen SciFi Vision spoke to series creator and executive producer Nick Antosca earlier in the month in an exclusive interview, he talked about that particularly disturbing design and why they chose something so different.

According to Antosca, "We wanted to be clear that these are a different kind of cannibal. You have the expectation of what a cannibal is, but they don't encounter the traditional kind of cannibal inside the house. And for what we see inside the flesh memories, we wanted to design something inside the memories that looked elemental, but also alien, and so we tried a bunch of different kind of innards. Sarah [Sitkin] created that. And there are all these videos of us breaking open bodies and taking out like gloopy slime and various things, and we settled on these things that kind of look like bloody fish roe, because there was a familiarity to it, and also, it's disgusting."

Channel Zero: No-End HouseAll of this happens, because they are still inside the No-End House. When talking about their new crazy and creepy reality, the creator also touched a bit on what the room six reality really is. "The house creates a space where it can recreate your reality and use it against you. So, however you want to describe the final room of the house, you could call it a virtual reality, an alternate reality, a simulation - I hate to define it, but, it's creating a space where it can use everything it's found in your mind as you went through the house and use that stuff to keep you there."

There's more to come of the No-End House in this twisted horror series next week, so be sure to tune in next Wednesday night to Syfy. Also, stay tuned for more from Antosca after the all-new episode premieres.

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