Exclusive: Louriza Tronco Talks The Order Season Two

Louriza TroncoNetflix’s The Order follows college students who practice magic as part of the secret society, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, and their rivals, the Knights of St. Christopher, werewolves who also happen to be part of the Order.

At the end of last season, the Knights had their memories erased by the Order. In season two, the Knights work to regain their memories and get revenge on the Order, but their actions only cause more trouble that could not only start a war between other magic practitioners, but lead to the apocalypse.

Louriza Tronco stars as Gabrielle Dupres, a member of the Order who is tasked with stopping the Knights from regaining their memories. Later in the season, she also becomes a Knight, and werewolf, herself.

The actress recently talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about her work on the show this season, the possible fallout from Gabrielle’s actions, what she’d like to see for season three, and more.

SCIFI VISION: Obviously, Gabrielle started out last season as someone who wasn't liked very much; she was kind of a bully, but she becomes less so as season two moves on. Can you talk about those kinds of changes in her character, personality-wise?

Louriza TroncoLOURIZA TRONCO: It's definitely props to all the great writers. Even though a lot of people didn't like Gabrielle necessarily in the first season, she definitely evolved in the second season, and I think she definitely redeemed herself. And I think that just speaks to the fact that she's a multi-dimensional character, and she's very complex. As an actor, that's really exciting for me, because as humans, we’re complex and multi-dimensional, and it's just so fun. I'm really grateful to be able to be a part of a character that gets to evolve and that the audience gets to witness that along with her.

So, at the beginning of the season, she's Jack (Jake Manley)'s fake girlfriend, whatever you want to call it. I'm just curious, do you think that she felt anything for Jack at all, or was it just she got angry because he rejected her? Do you think that was all there was to it? I was just curious as to your take on that.

I actually had this discussion with the director and creator, especially for the first two episodes, because obviously that's a big part of the storyline. No, I don't think that Gabrielle was interested in Jack in any sort of real way. I think it was basically that she was trying to make the best out of a bad situation for herself, and the fact that he never really fell for it. Even with the powder, he still loved Alyssa (Sarah Grey). I think that hurt her pride rather than her actual heart.

Those scenes though, all that bossing around, it looked like it was a lot of fun, just to kind of play that part of it.

Absolutely it was. I think one of my favorite scenes was the cheerleading scene in episode one where Jack goes, “I give my life to cheer squad!” [laughs] It kind of surprised me when I was reading the episode, and I think it surprised the audience in the fact that I got to be sort of a stage mom in the audience and then scold him for not making it after! [laughs] We couldn't stop laughing when we were reading the episode.

Yeah, I'm not surprised. It seems like it would be a lot of fun.

So, can you talk about Gabrielle's friendship, which kind of turns into a relationship, with Randall (Adam DiMarco) this season?

I think they're definitely on the level of, you know, teens who have feelings for each other, and they kind of expose themselves, and then they're like, “Oh, no, I can't expose that much about myself to them yet, because I don't feel safe” or what have you. They're definitely at that level, I think.

I think it does come from a friendship, which is always nice. And the fact that she feels like Randall actually sees her for her and is a little bit more patient with her than I think she is with herself, is a big thing for her. But in terms of it evolving into anything else, I don't know if she's ready for that.

Gabrielle has a pretty great wardrobe. Is there anything you've tried to keep or anything like that?

She does have a great wardrobe. I don't know. I kind of was surprised. I never really wear orange in my day to day life, and I wore two orange outfits. I think it was the second episode, I wore this orange cute jumper; it's like a onesie, and I was like, “Oh, I really like that color.” So, I'd love to keep that, and I really liked wearing Randall's outfit [laughs] as Gabrielle, because I'm always in heels, and the one day that I didn't have to wear heels was when I was Randall as Gabrielle. So, I was like, “This feels good!” [laughs]

[laughs] Yeah, I definitely get that.

Louriza TroncoSo, I know, obviously, the wolf is CGI for the most part, but in a couple scenes you had the teeth and that sort of mid-transformation. Can you talk a little bit about that and just the makeup side of it as well?

I think one of the really cool things about this season in particular, is we actually hired mocap actors to play the wolves for the CGI. So, they were actors who had a dance and sort of physical theater background. I think that's what was so cool about the CGI this year. I think it really stepped it up a level in terms of the makeup side of it.

Getting the teeth done was actually not the most comfortable thing. It’s kind of like going to a dentist when they have to create the mold. I don't know if you've ever had like a retainer or braces, but they have to make the mold, and you kind of have to stay there awkwardly for ten minutes while they make the impression and then you spit it out afterwards. [laughs] So, it's not really glamorous. But obviously, at the end of the day, if that's what it takes to be a werewolf, then I guess that's what it takes to be werewolf.

Unfortunately, yes, I’ve had to do that. [laughs]

And I guess it's good though, because you didn't have like full-on hours of makeup either, at least with them having the CGI wolves and everything.

Yeah, the mid-transformations basically involves teeth impressions and the nails for the werewolf, and the glowing eyes are CGI’d after.

Talking about the werewolf side, you as Midnight - we assume - kill Alyssa. Obviously, Jack has been taken over by Midnight before and he, I think, to some extent should know that you can't necessarily control everything. But understanding that and forgiving that are two different things.

Obviously, we haven't seen beyond any of that, and whether or not Alyssa comes back if there is a season three is neither here nor there, but can you just kind of talk about what you think that fallout is going to be life? Do you think he and the other wolves will accept her back? Will Jack be able to accept it?

That is a big complicated question of, you know, understanding that versus forgiving that. Midnight has a history of being quote unquote, the most noble of the Knights, like very by the book and very upright. I think that those characteristics, collaborating with Gabrielle's characteristics - you know, she is very determined and headstrong - is really complicated, and I think we see that especially in her in episode ten. It's kind of like this question of, you know, why is it Gabrielle that ends up doing this? Why wasn't it Jack when he had Midnight's hide doing it? So, it's actually really complex; I've never thought of that before. But yeah, I guess we'll have to see what happens. Clearly at the end of episode ten she's very upset that she couldn't get ahold of Midnight, but hopefully things turn around.

Yeah, I definitely think she was upset about it, but we only got to see like a few seconds. [laughs]

And it was like, done! [laughs]

Well, like last year, it ends on quite a cliffhanger.

So, if there is a season three, where would you like to see your character go, if it was up to you?

You know, I really thank the writers for everything that they write for Gabrielle, because every episode is a surprise for me. And I'm just so lucky with my character, because I feel like, for her, she can never be written too big. She's kind of like a limitless character. For me, personally, I think I would like to see her form some sort of friendship with another woman. I think she's kind of opened herself up to sort of, you know, Randall and Hamish (Thomas Elms) and the wolf pack, but she obviously holds a grudge towards Alyssa, Vera (Katharine Isabelle), and Lilith (Devery Jacobs). I just kind of want to unpack that a bit and see if she's able to put her walls down and collaborate with a woman, because all the women in The Order are strong characters. So, I feel like if they're able to see eye to eye at some point, things will actually get done within the Order.

Louriza TroncoYes, if they can get along. [laughs]

Yeah, if they can get along. [laughs] That's the thing, if they can get along.

So, speaking of other female characters, can you talk about the karaoke scene with Sarah?

How it was created?

Yes, but also just your thoughts about it in general?

It basically kind of stemmed from the creators and our executive producer, being like, “The girls can sing. Let's figure out how to make them sing.”

I think they wanted it to be in a way that we didn't really want it to turn into like a musical sort of episode, and we wanted it to be seamlessly implemented in the episode somehow.

Because even when I watched it this past week, I was like, “Oh, they're getting up and singing karaoke. Oh, they're just singing now. Oh, it's kind of like a montage, you know, the wolves are in battle with the professor and the TA.” So, it was kind of like almost seamless for me. And I thought that was a really, really smart way for them to write it in.

But yeah, it was a lot of fun. Sarah and I had never actually sung together before, so that was just a lot of fun for us to do.

It sounded really good too, both of you.

Thank you.

Yeah, we sang live, so that was a little intimidating. The background actors weren't hearing the music. It was only us who had in-ears, because sound needed to pick up our voices clearly, and they can't do that with music in the background. So, that aspect was a little awkward, of just serenading to a hundred strangers a cappella [laughs], but I think it turned out pretty well.

When you say you sang live, do you mean that after the fact they added in a separate track of you guys singing with the music on top of it? Or did they just add the music in with that live track?

Yeah, I think it was just our live voices and they added the track underneath.

Okay. I know sometimes in shows they do it both ways.

Yeah, we had options. We actually had a voice coach, and we actually went through the song together and recorded it to hear back, but on the day, they kind of wanted it to be seamless in a way and genuine, and they were like, “Why not try it live?”

Well, it worked out; that's what matters.

Louriza Tronco and Jake Manley
Is there anyone that you'd like to get more scenes with if you get another season that you haven't maybe worked a lot with?

I mean, depending where they're going to take it with season three, I think I'd like to work with Devery who plays Lilith. You know, I think she's a powerful character, and the fact that we are both werewolves now would be really, really interesting.

Yes, I'd like to see them go up against each other, because you're right; they both have very strong personalities.

So, the other thing I was going to ask, and I know some people find this difficult to answer, but can you give me three words to describe Gabrielle? In fact, maybe three words to describe her before this season and three by the end of it, because I feel like she's changed so much. Maybe we need to do both.

The start of season two would probably be “determined, strong-headed, and self-centered.” And probably the ending of season two is “strong-headed, determined and self-centered.” [laughs] No, I'm just kidding! The end of season two would be probably “vulnerable, strong, and smart.”

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