Video Interview: Winners of AGT, Judges, and More

AGTLast night, America’s Got Talent revealed the top five acts and eventually whittled it down to the winner of the season, the dancing group Mayyas. While judge Simon Cowell was surprised by the top five chosen by America, as were a lot of viewers, he feels the right act won. “There were a few surprises tonight along the way,” Cowell told SciFi Vision last night after the live finale. “…However, when it comes down to who is actually going to win, and if I had to put my money on it last night, I would bet on the people who won. I thought they were sensational.”

We also spoke to Mayyas on the virtual red carpet before the night was over, asking them what they learned about themselves from the competition. “It taught us about how Lebanese people are really strong,” Maryjoe Tarabay of Mayyas told the site. “No matter how pressured we are, no matter how much we feel pain, we just push, push, push to get to whatever we want and just prove to all the people that we're strong, and we're here, and we're ready to win anything we want.”

For more, including what shocked judge Heidi Klum the most this season and how ventriloquist Darci Lynne felt being on the AGT stage again, watch the interviews below!

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