Advance Preview: Doctor Who - Extremis

Doctor WhoTonight, BBC America airs another fantastic episode of Doctor Who, "Extremis." In the episode, the recently blinded Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is requested by the Pope (Joseph Long) himself to help figure out a mystery. In a secret library of blasphemous texts at the Vatican, the Haereticum, there is an ancient book known as The Veritas. Anyone who has read it in attempt to translate it has immediately taken their own life. It supposedly contains a truth that no one can live with. Now a copy of the text has been sent online and the danger grows. Can the Doctor stop it, and can he survive the ultimate truth?

Doctor WhoI found this episode to be another one that is darker in tone as well as complex. The series is often complicated with its stories, but this one is a bit confusing, though it's still very intriguing. By the end of the episode, the pieces had come together for me, but I still felt a bit puzzled. It's definitely going to take a second viewing to take it all in. This didn't detract, however, from my enjoyment of the episode.

The actors were superb as always. Capaldi did a wonderful job of playing blind and interacting with the others. Both his and Bill (Pearl Mackie)'s reactions to the big reveal were spot on. I also really liked seeing Nardole (Matt Lucas) taking on more of a caretaker's role again, helping the Doctor to keep his secret.

Doctor WhoIt's already been revealed from the promos that Missy (Michelle Gomez) returns in the episode, and she was once again brilliant. She always plays so well off of Capaldi, and this episode is no different. The circumstances that she showed up in were unexpected, even if the way it played out was not. However, she was a lot of fun, regardless.

There were references to a past character and some recent events that I really enjoyed the addition of as well - more tidbits revealed.

The sets in the episode were beautiful and the effects worked perfectly to tell the story, which came from a sound script.

The continuity with the vault was once again present, which continues to be a theme throughout the season, and I am pleased by the fact that they continue to reveal more each week. Fans will finally get at least some satisfaction tonight.

Be sure to tune in tonight to BBC America to watch the all-new episode of Doctor Who.

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