Video Interview: Sylvester Stallone & Family on Their New Reality Series, Premiering Today

The Family StalloneToday, the new reality series The Family Stallone premieres on Paramount Plus. The series stars the three-time Academy Award Nominee Sylvester Stallone and his wife and three daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. The series offers an inside look at the famous family for the first time.

SciFi Vision recently spoke to the Stallone family about creating the reality series. In the premiere episode, Sistine plays a prank on her father with the help of her family. SciFi Vision was curious about the best prank someone in the family played.

“I would say there's so many incredible pranks coming in the later episodes,” Stallone teased. “I think the one they pulled on me was the cruelest one of all. I don't know how I could top that one, except like, ‘Hey, come visit me. I'm in a funeral home,’ and I like pop up. Like, ‘Fooled you!’ I mean, how do you top that? But the best pranks are yet to come in the other episodes.” 

A reality show can get pretty personal, so SciFi Vision also questioned if that was something they ever worried about. For Scarlet, the youngest of the three daughters, it was at first. “I feel like a lot of information, how we’ve told our feelings, and stuff like that, I feel like was kind of outside my comfort zone at first,” she admitted to the site. “But then at the same time, you're, you have to think that you're speaking to a bunch of, you're talking to a bunch of people that can also relate to you as well. So you're not alone. So at first, it was scary, but then you get used to it and realize that it's normal problems.”

Sister Sistine added that they tend to overshare with people anyway so it works for a reality series.

For more, watch the full round table below and be sure to check out the series, now streaming on Paramount Plus.

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