Exclusive: Anne Charrier & Romain Levi Tease What's to Come on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Finale

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonTonight, AMC airs the season one finale of the popular spinoff series, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. In the episode, titled, “Coming Home,” Genet works to keep control and solidify her power, while Daryl continues on his quest to return to America.

Recently, Romain Levi, who plays Codron, and Anne Charrier, who plays Genet, spoke with SciFi Vision about what it’s been like working on the series, as well as teased what fans can expect in the finale.

Read the full transcript below, and be sure not to miss the finale, tonight on AMC and AMC Plus.

Romain, let me let me start with you. Obviously, Codron is also motivated because of Daryl killing his brother, but how much does he really believe in Genet’s cause? Can you talk about those motivations compared to his hatred of Daryl?

ROMAIN LEVI:   Yeah, at the beginning Codron believes 100% Genet. He believes in this movement, and he agrees with the fact that France has to be strong again. It's a war. It’s a crisis. Genet, in a way, she brought him hope. In a way, he has been brainwashed…So, he really believes in her, but slowly, from time to time, he has started to feel something dangerous with her. It happened with the experiment that he has seen, and then with the baby, you know, the scene with the baby in the episode, I think it’s Episode Four.

SCIFI VISION:   I know which scene you mean. When we think she's going to kill it and doesn't.

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonANNE CHARRIER:   You don’t know.

ROMAIN LEVI:   I was worried. Codron was worried about that. So, he started to feel a kind of craziness. So, from time to time, he started to think that maybe she's not the leader he was hoping for the country.

SCIFI VISION:   Now, let me ask you then, Anne, I mean, how far do you think is she willing to go? Do you think she sort of, I guess, has lost it a little bit? I mean, obviously, she's not a nice person, but just kind of talk about that and how far you think she's willing to go.

ANNE CHARRIER:   She has not lost it.

SCIFI VISION:   Okay, fair.

ANNE CHARRIER:   No, I'd say she's gonna go till the end, until she dies or until she gets what she needs - not exactly what she needs, what she believes the people need. You know, that's really her mantra. She really believes she's in charge…You know, she didn't choose it. She's been chosen, as much as Laurent has been chosen or whatever. So, she cannot have anyone questioning her power or questioning her [legitimacy]…So, she cannot have anyone questioning that, but she's gonna go until that's the only thing she has to do. You know, she has nothing else in her life. She believes she's doing the right thing for the people.

SCIFI VISION:   Fair enough. So, let me ask you both. As viewers, we don't get much about these characters’ backstories is, you know, the sort of, quote unquote, villains. And if you can't tell me what it is, that's fine, but was there stuff that you were given by the writers that we don't know about to help you create the characters? Or did you like make a lot of it up so you could play the characters?

ROMAIN LEVI:   Well, I spoke a bit with David's Zabel about that, but not much. What I really love with this team is that they trust in us, and they let us create the background. There are some elements of the background of the character, the promise he [gave] to his parents, for example, to take care of his brother. But yeah, I worked a lot on the background of this character. I really wanted to understand what happened in his life to bring him to this kind of situation and for him to behave like that. Why? Because I really felt that he was a regular man before all that happened, but in a world like that, surrounded by zombies surrounded, by so tough [people], he changed a lot. So, I worked on that. I created this background.

SCIFI VISION:   Anne, what about you?

ANNE CHARRIER:   Yeah, same with me. No, not exactly the same, actually, because David and, [the writers], they gave us clues. They gave us [the main points of the story], the big events. Then, you draw a line around those events. But we know now that Genet is from a very casual extraction. She comes from the people, and she was a blue collar girl, and she didn't have anything to do with the girl she's now, but probably because in those times when big events happen, some people, [even] casual people get heroic. And she believes she is heroic, even though I know that people don't think she is. But she believes she is. You know, she believes she's taking care of people. And she got higher. She became a stronger her; she became the real her.

SCIFI VISION:   I'm not sure if the show has aired in France yet? I just know it's aired here.


SCIFI VISION:   Okay, but still, have you gotten feedback from fans on the show? What has that been like, for both of you?

ANNE CHARRIER:   We have, actually, because we have social media. So, people are sending us messages on Instagram. So, that's great. You know, that's amazing to have the feedback of fans. And that universe has such a fanbase. I don't know if everybody's happy with the characters that we're doing, but we only get the good things.


ROMAIN LEVI:   Yeah, actually, the reviews are quite positive. I can say that. So, I’m very happy about it. I read some reviews, and people, I think people really like the show, and they really enjoy and are very happy to see Daryl in the new country in this new universe, alone. It's with new rules. That's what I really like with this show, is that Daryl now is alone at the beginning. He’s not the same because of that. It's like his friends are his energy, in a way, are his tools, his weapons. In a way I think that his close friends are his weapons, and now he's alone, so he’s different. And that's what I really love in this show, is that he will have to find a new way to survive.

SCIFI VISION:   Now, I’m going to ask you about the silly question I usually ask the cast. If there were a real zombie apocalypse, how well do you think you would do, and what character from any of the universe, any of the shows, would you take with you to help you survive?

ANNE CHARRIER:   Good question. We only have to pick one, I can imagine.

SCIFI VISION:   Yeah, just pick one, from any of the shows. And also, do you think that you would survive in the apocalypse? Would you be good fighter?

ANNE CHARRIER:   I'm not sure, but yeah, let's say, yeah, of course.

ROMAIN LEVI:   I think I would be a good fighter. I don't know who I would like to be close to, but I would choose someone kind. I think that in a world like that, it's better to be surrounded by kind people. You know, kindness can make you warm, can make you keep you hoping for a better life. So, I don't know. [Who are] the kindness people in the show? Maybe Carol (Melissa McBride). I would like it maybe to be Carol.

ANNE CHARRIER:   Speaking about Carol - but I remember as well, Michonne (Danai Gurira) coming into the universe. Do you remember that Romain?


ANNE CHARRIER:   When she had the leash with two walkers behind her. So, I don't know, I'd say it would be one of them.

SCIFI VISION:   Speaking of the walkers, and I you haven't necessarily had a lot of scenes with them, but what was it like interacting with them on the set?… What was it like when you guys first saw the makeup effects of the walkers?

ANNE CHARRIER:   Oh, that was very fun. I remember the first day together when we had that walker, a big, very tall guy, very thin, going completely mad. That was amazing to see. And you don't interact much in in playing them, obviously, but I remember one thing that's from the fifth episode. On the set, we had all the walkers around, and I wanted to take a picture with one of [them] and I couldn't get too close, you know, [laughs] because I was a bit scared.

The Walking Dead: Daryl DixonROMAIN LEVI:   I was shocked by the beauty of these zombies, you know, the skin, the eyes, the way the actors were playing it, too. I actually was moved by them, because it's not so easy to play a zombie,  because first, it's very cold sometimes. For example, this tall guy, in Episode Three, it was freezing. It was so cold. And he didn't complain a second; he was very happy to do that. He was very proud to [play the zombie]. And it has been like that for all the zombies. So, yeah, at the same time, I was shocked by their beauty, and I was moved by the behavior of these actors, so happy to be part of this show. So, yeah, it's a mix of great feelings.

SCIFI VISION:   Speaking of effects, you have your face tattoo, too. Is that fun or annoying [to get done]? How long does it take for that, each time they do it?

ROMAIN LEVI:   It's very fun. It's very fun. It's not long. It's around 15 minutes.

SCIFI VISION:   Oh, okay, yeah, that's not bad.

ROMAIN LEVI:   It's very fun actually. I asked them if I could keep it, but they said “No, it's better you take this [off]; people in the street can be a bit worried.” [laughs]

SCIFI VISION:   Without spoiling anything, is there anything you are allowed to say about what can fans expect going into the final episode?

ROMAIN LEVI:   Definitely [there will be] trouble. In a way, [Codron] underestimated Genet, but she's very smart, and very strong.

SCIFI VISION:   What about you? What can you say about about what we can expect in the final episode for your character.

ANNE CHARRIER:   She's determined. She's really not going to get let it go. So, you can expect her to go to war.

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