Orphan Black: The Next Chapter - Episode 10 Review & Recap

***Contains Spoilers***

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterToday SerialBox released the final episode of season one of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, by Malka Older.

I was curious to see how the story would be wrapped up in the last episode, and it does not disappoint.

One storyline focuses on Delphine and Cosima taking down General Eloise Thibault, who tries to blame the riot in the village on the clones. Ending with Cosima going live on television with Delphine to defend and then discuss the clones, was a great story point. I think in the end it will do Cosima a world of good to talk it out.

The other main story is of course Art’s rescue. I was pleased how everyone got involved, even Charlotte, and of course any time one clone pretends to be another is a lot of fun.

I was really surprised, however, that Art was infected by Davis. It wasn’t really explained, but apparently there was at least a couple minutes of the incubation period so Sarah could get away safely, but that obviously had to happen.

The idea though that Art and Jay will be together in isolation is fantastic. I have been rooting for the two of them, and they make a cute couple.

I would have enjoyed having seen Vivi stay with her sisters, but it wouldn’t have fit her personality; she needs to take some time and adjust to everything she’s learned. Also, if there is a second season, her making her way back will be an interesting storyline.

The title of the episode, “Embrace Diversity,” fits it. The world has to learn to live with clones, and they have to adjust to the idea of clones being public. It was so great to get an epilogue that tells how the clones and friends are coping, and all differently.

I can just imagine Alison and Donnie’s reality show, which should have its own book written about it. I love those characters, and it would be hilarious.

Cosima and Dana working together on the science is perfect for them, and I really like that Dana is apparently staying with them. I’m sure Delphine will end up involved too.

Helena is finally getting her memoir out, which is good for her, and I’m sure it would be an excellent read.

Kira and Charlotte’s idea to help newly self-aware clones is a terrific cause to get behind and a way to keep them involved in Clone Club.

Having Felix help them out was a good way to cap off his story, and there’s a nice shout out to M.K. The surprise call from Tony was also welcome. It was a nice touch just to get fans up to date on some of the clones. We even got a bit about Krystal earlier from Sarah.

The only thing that worries me, is it feels like it would work as a finale, but it does leave the story open for more with the call from Tony. I really hope there is a season two. I especially am interested in knowing what happened with Rachel, who was left out of the finale episode. I do also like the fact that the season was self-contained.

I unfortunately didn’t get the audio in time to listen to it all before posting the review, but now that I have it, I will go back over the episode again, just to hear Tatiana Maslany’s performance, as it always enhances it so much. I did, however, get to listen to the epilogue narrated by Jordan Gavaris, who played Felix on the original series, which was an awesome addition!

Overall the season was so much fun and really fit well in the Orphan Black universe. It could have easily been an actual season, because it was written so authentically.

At the beginning, I never expected cloning to become public knowledge in the story, but it works, and there is still more story to tell. I love that it’s canon, and I very much hope that there is a second season, so fans can come back again into the world of the show.


Sarah is worried because she hasn’t heard back from Kira or Felix. Delphine can’t reach anyone at the task force either. Not knowing what else to do, she bakes cookies.

Suddenly Sarah screams from the next room. There’s a news report on TV coming from the village, and she assumes that’s where her daughter is. On the screen is an angry mob, and Dana with a gun to her head. Vivi is also there. The footage, however, ends before she can find out much of anything.

General Eloise Thibault comes on, who Delphine knows from the task force and considers an ally. She, however, surprises her when she says that the clip shows that the clones are “inciting unrest.” She continues that the Canadian government needs to do something about it.

Sarah is worried Kira is in the middle of the riot, but suddenly Cosima’s phone rings and it is her calling. She tells them that they “did it” and are fine. She even agrees to talk to her mother, saying that they are on the way home. She does admit that the riot did happen, but everyone is all right.

After the call ends, Delphine defends Thibault, saying that it must be a misunderstanding. She decides to go talk to her at the television studio. An accusation like that, coming from a member of the government, is dangerous for the clones. She suggests that perhaps she can even get the studio to put her on air.

Jaysara Priyantha shows up at the house. She would have been more comfortable going to the RCMP, but she would have to convince them of what Davis did, and he is a high-ranking U.S. intelligence officer, and they already bought the story about the rogue spy. She thinks she will have better luck with the clones.

Jay tells the sisters about Art having been taken and that Davis will only let him go if Vivi brings the weapon for an exchange.

Jay asks where Vivi is, but she says she doesn’t intend to trade her. Vivi knows Davis, or at least the organization. She will know better what he’s after and what his weaknesses are. The problem, of course, is that the group isn’t home from Quebec yet, and they can’t wait that long.

Alison says that they do have some experience with that sort of thing.

Cosima says that they don’t have any experience with the CIA.

Sarah says that she will go, but Alison reminds her that they are recognizable now.

Jay suggests they wait.

When asks about the investigation, Jay tells Cosima that she has been fully exonerated. Forensics re-examined the scene, and they now have proof that the shot that killed Sturgis came from outside the building.

They talk about who fired the shot. It couldn’t have been Davis because of timing. They worry someone else is after them.

Jay makes a call to ask if they have any new information on the shooting, but they have something else to tell her, which she relays to the sisters. They arrested Greg Kurzmann from the Ministry of Defense, and he spilled everything. He told him he was sent by his boss - General Thibault. He also blamed her for Sturgis’s murder. They don’t know for sure,however, if what he says is true.

Knowing that Delphine is on the way to meet Thibault, Cosima runs out. Jay stops her and says to let her help.

Later, Kira and Felix make it home. Sarah hugs her daughter and tells her she’s proud of her.

Kira has bad news. Vivi isn’t with them; she disappeared after the riot. Kira’s upset about it, but Sarah tells her that she is a well-trained spy and can take care of herself. Also, Helena stayed to search for her and will find her.

Dana says that if Vivi is gone, it’s because she wanted to be and doesn’t want anything to do with them. She worries it’s because she wasn’t brought up aware like she was. Upset and tired, she goes to lie down.

Sarah tells Kira that Charlotte told them she called in with the information about the clones. She’s still not convinced it’s a good idea but wants to know why she thinks it is. She’s willing to listen.

Later, after hearing everything that happened from Felix, Jay says she’s going back to the RCMP. Vivi is gone and they don’t have experience in espionage. She explains to Felix what’s been going on.

Charlotte, waking up from her nap, says that they have to go after her dad themselves. Charlotte argues that they can’t sideline her just because of her age or her leg; plus, she’s studied martial arts. They finally agree to let her participate.

Jay still thinks she should go to RCMP, but they continue to discuss it for a bit.

Alison says that they are so used to thinking of clones as a liability; they need to make them an asset.

Meanwhile, at the TV studio, Delphine is able to get to the general. She keeps trying to convince herself that Thibault has been acting like she has, because she doesn’t have all the information.

When she talks to her, however, Eloise insists that the clones instigated the riot. Delphine tells her that Cosima was not at the riot; all the clones don’t know each other, any more than all the Francophones do.

Thibault responds that the village is full of terrorists who give all of them a bad name.

Delphine retorts then, that if they are violent, that makes it more likely they instigated it rather than the clones.

Thibault wants to know then why the clones keep getting involved in things.

Delphine tells her that when she says things about the clones like they are dangerous, it puts them in danger.

Eloise tells her that they are dangerous. They are risks. For example, even with their biometric security system implemented, it could only find clones, not tell who is who. She says they are living on the edge of the law and use excuses that it was forced on them.

Delphine knows there is no reasoning with her.

Meanwhile, Helena catches up with Vivi. She tells her that she is there to make sure she is okay; Kira was worried. She also tells Vivi that she was like her once, trained as a “killing machine.” She was told what to think and believe, but she was able to change. Vivi can too. She adds that Vivi is their sestra too.

Vivi admits for a moment that she would like that, but she needs time to herself to think first.

Helena tells her to go do that and that they will be waiting.

Back at the station, Cosima shows up. She says that Thibault isn’t on their side. Eloise pulls a knife on Delphine.

Before anything else can happen, a production assistant comes in and Thibault hides the knife. The assistant tells them that they are ready for her on set. She then notices that Cosima is a clone.

Thinking fast, Cosima says that she came to do an interview. Happy, the assistant leads her out.

Meanwhile, Art takes in his surroundings at the condo. He’s tied up.

Davis comes over and threatens him with the syringe. It’s a bargaining chip in case Vivi doesn’t want to give him Sturgis’s weapon.

Art, trying to act like he isn’t worried, tells him he’s been through a lot worse.

Davis, however, tells him that it won’t do anything to him, except, perhaps, give him some side effects. He will, however, become contagious and infect any clone who come into contact with him, who will in turn infect the others, and they will all die.

Art says that he will just move way, but Davis tells him that it doesn’t matter, because he will pass it to other “non-clone carriers,” who will eventually infect the clones.

Art questions then why he hasn’t done it yet. Davis tells him that there are only so many clones. Once he eliminates them, the virus is useless to him. He wants the weapon.

Art realizes that the U.S. government would want it to reverse-engineer any biological attack aimed at them. Davis, however, would want to use it preemptively.

Davis tells him that if Vivi doesn’t care about him enough to trade him for the weapon, she will for a “viral time bomb” for clones.

Art says that he thought Vivi worked for his organization and would give them the weapon anyway. Davis tells him, however, that she’s in a different department, and he wants her to give it to him, not her handler. He adds that Vivi is a liability for him and the agency, and regardless of the weapon, he needs to get to her.

Suddenly there is a buzz on the intercom.

Back at the station, Cosima goes into the studio. Eloise starts saying the clones went to the village to meet with terrorists, but Cosima yells that it’s not true.

The newscaster turns to her and asks what really happened.

Thibault interrupts and says that the village is full of terrorists and their sympathizers, including a suspect of the bombing of GRIT. Apparently, she doesn’t know that Cosima has been exonerated, who cuts her off to say it was bombed by a staff member because of the project they had him create.

Thibault counters that they work on technology for national security and keeping Canadians safe.

Confident, Cosima questions if she includes the ones in the village, because terrorists or not, they deserve a trial, not a “customized epidemic.”

They go back and forth a bit. Cosima says that they will know if she is right about them using the weapon on their own citizens, because Kurzmann was arrested and is already talking about her involvement.

Meanwhile, at the condo, it’s actually Alison who has shown up, but Davis doesn’t realize she's not Vivi until she says she wants to see “Art;” he knows Vivi wouldn’t call him that.

She tells him that Vivi isn’t available, however, she has the weapon.

He doesn’t believe her and takes out the syringe.

Alison screams and Donnie comes in and hits Davis with a snow shovel.

Davis pulls a gun, but before he can do anything, Charlotte runs in and knocks the gun away.

Davis, however, threatens Donnie with the syringe and gets into the next room, locking the door.

Meanwhile, Sarah is upstairs picking the lock to the room Art is being held in. Jay is also there.

Once through the door, Art says that she can’t get off the handcuffs and needs to leave. She refuses.

Davis makes his way to the room with a “flash-bang” and injects Art before Jay shoots him in the head. Art yells at Sarah to run and tell them to tell Charlotte and the others to stay away from him.

Back at the station, Thibault is arrested. Jay had convinced the RCMP that Kurzmann was right about her and had some officers on hand when Cosima got her to reveal the truth.

The news caster gets Cosima to stay and talk to him. She says she will, but to bring up her wife, who knows as much about everything as she does.

Back at the condo, Jay tells Art that Sarah is gone. She ran as soon as she saw him get stabbed with the syringe. She’s on her way back to the house with Alison, Donnie, and Charlotte. She tells him that Charlotte was already back in the car when he got stabbed, so she is safe.

She questions if he feels any symptoms. He tells her that he doesn’t, but he can’t get near a clone. She’s also probably infected as well, and they need to be quarantined. They can’t take any chances. He apologizes, because it will negatively affect her career and life for a while.

She tells him that they will manage. They will eventually find a cure; Cosima and Delphine are geniuses. She adds that time off work wouldn’t be so bad.

Art’s shocked by his reaction, but she tells him that there could be something positive to come out of it; they might end up in isolation together. Art likes that idea.

Jay says that they should make sure she’s really infected, and she kisses him.

Two days later, Charlotte talks to her father via Skype.

When she's done, she asks Kira about work.

Kira says that it’s not work, but cleanup. She thought her job was so great, but then everything happened.

Charlotte questions about Emmaline and knows that it turned out to be a real date that Kira and Em went on.

Charlotte asks if Sarah has forgiven her yet. Kira says that she hasn’t forgiven her yet at any rate, but she’s trying to understand and listening to her as an adult. She’s amazed by it.

Charlotte says that she isn’t sure she did the right thing, but Kira thinks it was. They might not completely accept it, but they will eventually realize that they are better off.

They talk about seeing videos of clones finding out about who they are, some of which were horrible. They agree that they should have help with it. Now that Kira’s internship is over, they could set up an organization to help newly self-aware clones.

Kira thinks that that might be part of what happened with Vivi, the way she found out. Dana feels guilty, and Helena hasn’t been able to find her. They figure she just couldn’t deal with it, and they hope she’s okay.

The girls join the party upstairs that the adults are having.

Alison and Donnie are telling Delphine about the reality show they are going to be doing called Clones at Home. They want to show people that clones can have a normal life.

Cosima and Dana are talking science. Dana is happy she doesn’t have to call them “twin studies” when she publishes anymore. Now that they can say they are clones, they can go bigger and work together.

Sarah is showing Helena that Krystal made a blog, based around the idea that she’s a clone.

Helena tells her that publishers have been asking her for her memoir.

Charlotte comes up and Sarah asks her what her plans are now that she can tell people the truth. She says that she’s just helping Cosima and Delphine with creating a vaccine.

Charlotte asks Helena what she thinks happened to Vivi and if she is okay. Helena doesn’t know, but she hopes so.

Meanwhile, Vivi arrives off-grid on the Vermont side of the border. She is able to use the pay phone there. She eats and waits for Arun to show up.

When he arrives hours later to pick her up, he tells Vivi that Davis is dead.

Vivi gives him the thumb drive she took from Kurzmann with the virus customizer. She tells him that she is also presumed dead, but she doesn’t mention that Helena knows she is alive. She tells him that being a clone could be an advantage.

The two drive away, headed south.

One month later, Felix is working a shift at “Clone Care” in Cosima and Delphine’s basement in the office Kira and Charlotte have set up, taking calls from newly self-aware clones. He talks to one woman who lies about being a clone and another who is a clone, but thinks they are aliens. After the woman hangs up on him, he thinks of M.K., who would have been helpful for someone like her.

The next call is from Tony, the trans Leda clone who had seduced him into kissing him previously. He’s in Vegas working at the casino. They talk for a bit and Felix tells him about Collin.

Felix asks him why he called, assuming he doesn’t mind the clone attention. Tony tells him that it’s not to boast; he wants to talk to him about something.

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